Full Name
Marc-Olivier Ranger
Job Title
Corporate Secretary
Company Name
Marc-Olivier Ranger has been making his mark in public service at the federal government level for many years. This career senior public servant has an unparalleled network and knowledge that will benefit all Canadians in the realization of the High Frequency Rail project.

He has held senior director positions at Public Services and Procurement Canada, the Treasury Board Secretariat and Transport Canada.

Prior to joining VIA HFR, Marc-Olivier was responsible for supervising all construction works in connection with the rehabilitation of the Parliament of Canada’s Centre Block. During the pandemic, Marc-Olivier kept one of the largest construction sites in Canada safe and operational, supporting the local economy and hundreds of jobs in downtown Ottawa.

He also helped establish two federal Crown corporations, the Canada Infrastructure Bank and the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, which are wholly owned by the Crown (Government of Canada) and structured as private companies that operate independently of government.

Marc-Olivier also supported the design and implementation of the Government of Canada's Invest in Canada Long-Term Plan, launched in 2016, which committed more than $180 billion over 12 years to infrastructure that benefits Canadians - from public transit to commercial ports, from broadband networks to energy systems, from community services to natural spaces.

Finally, Marc-Olivier Ranger served as the former interim CEO of the VIA HFR corporation, where his leadership played a pivotal role in its establishment. His unique blend of experience and expertise are paramount to the progress and continued success of the project.
Marc-Olivier Ranger